When it comes to Michael Jackson every discussion seems to revolve around his music or his dancing, and for good reason. He is known as the King of Pop and is believed by many to be the best male artist that has ever existed. With that said, there are a lot more products available than just his CD’s or DVD’s, and if you are a true Michael Jackson fan then you will want to take a look at some books about the star. Reading books written by him or about him really go along way into helping you understand just how inspirational the star was, and why he is such an icon. Here are some of the top selling Michael Jackson books that you can find on MichaelJacksonWebsite.org;

Moonwalk By Michael Jackson

When Michael Jackson released his book, “MoonWalk” he finally broke the silence about his life, his childhood and his past. He lets us in on the details of his joyful yet different and difficult childhood that made him the man he became. It all started with the overnight popularity of the Jackson Five but Michael explains that no one could have prepared him for the worldwide stardom that would soon take over his life. The book also discusses his relationships with some very popular stars including Fred Astaire and Paul McCartney and even comes with illustration of older family photos from his childhood.

Thriller 25th Anniversary; The Book

Simply put, if you are a fan of Michael Jackson then this book is an absolute must have. It offers an excellent walk down memory lane and takes a look back at the best selling album of all time, and where it has come since. For new fans as well it gives some more insight into what Michael Jackson is all about and details on exactly what Thriller has to offer. From unseen photos to new interviews and new information, this book has it all. It is the perfect gift for the Michael Jackson fan on your list, but you will want to buy two and definitely keep one for yourself. In the end, this book is a definite THRILLER

Dancing the Dream; Poems and Reflections By Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson and what he stands for has to do with a lot more than music. This book of person reflections, poems and essays is the best way to gather insight about the man behind the music. This book single-handedly proves that Jackson is more than just a singer and a dancer, he is an all around artist. If you want to get to know the real Michael Jackson, then skip out on the news stories and instead read this book. The poems have the ability to inspire the uninspired and will leave you contemplating your ideas on a number of other topics. While you may have fallen in love with the star’s inspiring songs, the words and writing in this book will give you a whole new appreciation for him and what he brought to the world on a daily basis. Through poems such as “The Heart Said No” and “Trust” you will get a new appreciation for the King of Pop and realize why he is such an icon, and always will be.

Each of these books gives excellent insight into the man that Michael Jackson was and what he brought to the world. Now more than ever is a time to remember him and everything he did for music and his fans. With MichaelJacksonWebsite.org you can easily get your hands on whichever Michael Jackson book that you want, in just a matter of minutes.