Since the passing of Michael Jackson it seems that the price of his CD’s, records and even tapes have skyrocketed. People have bought the old CD’s at the bottom of the barrel at Wal-Mart are now selling the music for ten times the amount they paid. Does this mean that you have to be one of the people that overpay just to listen to your favorite Michael Jackson songs? Absolutely not. Thanks to you have instant access to all of the top MP3 Downloads online today. In a matter of minutes you can have the most popular songs of all time on your iPod and create the hottest Michael Jackson playlist ever.

Sure you may regret not saving that Thriller cassette that you had back in high school, but there is still a way to rock out to the best Michael Jackson songs of all time, in your car, on a jog or in your home. Here are just a few of the songs that you can get via an MP3 download;

Beat It- A Jackson song that is all about rhythm, music and soul.

Wanna Be Startin’ Something- Has an excellent vibe to it and lyrics that are absolutely true and relatable.

Pretty Young Thing- This Michael Jackson song is all about hip hop with a classic touch of the 70’s.

Billie Jean- A song that will forever be popular that is the classic example of 80’s pop music from the King himself.

Smooth Criminal- The smooth music evident in this song has led to a number of remakes and covers, none that can touch the original though.

Man in the Mirror- This is Michael Jackson at his best and a look back at the classical rhythm that made him so popular

Why you Want to Trip on Me?- This song is so real and you will fall in love with the lyrics.

Black or White- The powerful beat and strong statement still ring clear twenty five years later.

Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough- This song is purely about dancing. It will be impossible to sit still while jamming to this Jackson classic.

There are just a few of the popular Michael Jackson MP3 downloads that are made available to you thanks to Sit back, download some songs, relax and enjoy all of the top songs that Jackson has created over the past few decades.


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